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Issue 3(2)/2022

ARBE issue 3(2)/2022

The original and only version of the journal is electronic (online)

Publisher: University of Economics in Katowice

ISSN: 2720-457X

Year of issue: 2022

Issue: 3(2)

Contents of the issue

Table of contents

1. Michał Biesiada, The impact of the application of the relationship marketing concept in a sports enterprise on the level of sales results of its products, pp. 1-18.

2. Ioannis Toulis, The human factor in digital marketing: not all so digital, pp. 19-37.

3. Agnieszka Stadnicka, How do you get academics to buy on impulse? Challenging e-consumers under a magnifying glass, pp. 38-60.

4. Kinga Wolny, The impact of economic sanctions on the oil industry of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2011-2020, pp. 61-75.

5. Natalia Tokarczyk, Assessment of the implementation of selected elements of EU climate and energy policy in Poland against the Visegrad Group countries, pp. 76-96.

6. Tetyana Nikolaychuk, Investment codes of the protected areas: A new look at benefits, pp. 97-118.

Issue 2(1)/2022

Table of contents

1. Krzysztof Dróżdż, The dynamics of timber market in Poland between 2000 and 2020, pp. 1-19.

2. Krzysztof Kasprowski, The attitude of Polish students to the concept of unconditional basic income, pp. 20-36.

3. Adrian Widuch, Smart city concepts in selected cities in the Ruhr area, pp. 37-52.

4. Julia Perek, The impact of the Internet of Things on the development of e-commerce on the example of Amazon, pp. 53-78.

5. Adrian Mencel, Threats resulting from the use of IT systems, pp. 79-94.

6. Patrycja OstrowskaThe issues of creative and aggressive accounting and forensic audit in the light of accountants’ opinions, pp. 95-113.

 7. Adrian Pietrzyk, Sports club success – scientific and pragmatic approach on the example of Polish football clubs, pp. 114-128.

Issue 1(1)/2021
Cover image

Table of contents

1. Barbara Margarita Radmann,  Sustainability or protectionism in palm oil trade: The case (DS593) of Indonesia vs. the EU, pp. 1-16.

2. Jakub Kol,  Zachowania strategiczne przedsiębiorstw w obszarze zarządzania zasobami ludzkimi w warunkach niepewności, pp. 17-30.

3. Jakub Kubiczek, Wojciech Derej, Bartłomiej Hadasik,  Virtualization of Poles’ buying behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic, pp. 31-43

4. Sylwia Wajnbrener,  Masowe dobra luksusowe – kreowanie wizerunku marki za pomocą narzędzi marketingu online, pp. 44- 59

5.  Adrian Pietrzyk,  Działania klubów piłkarskich na rzecz ochrony środowiska – studium przypadku Forest Green Rovers, pp. 60-76

6. Mateusz Rybarz,  Procesy restrukturyzacji górnictwa: Zagłębie Górnośląskie i Zagłębie Ruhry, pp. 77-91

 7. Przemysław Rapka,  Bankowość w wykładach Juliana Dunajewskiego, pp. 92-108

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