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ARBE issue 4(1)/2023

The original and only version of the journal is electronic (online)

Publisher: University of Economics in Katowice

ISSN: 2720-457X

Year of issue: 2023

Issue: 4(1)

Contents of the issue

Table of contents

1. Marcin Marzec, Professional educational service as a market product of non-public higher education institutions in Poland, pp. 1-15.

2. Jakub Lesiak, Analysis of the potential and competitive position of industrial production in the Visegrad Group and in Germany, pp. 16-34.

3. Aleksandra Ryczko, Brand reputation as a critical success factor on the subscription-based gaming market – research results, pp. 35-53.

4. Filip Lipiński, Julianna Koczy, The phenomenon of Quiet Quitting among Polish Generation Z workers, pp. 54-72.